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Electronic Components supply, development and production of the radioelectonics devices
Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

A contract manufacturing provides the ability of order placement for an engineering sample production, large and small lots of PCB production, accomplishing SMD and manual insertion of elements on PCB surface quiting high-cost equipment purchase and fine tuning as well as arranging production process based on the in-house operating areas. In order to gain the maximum effectiveness of the contract manufacturing Horntrade Co.Ltd provides not only the team of highly qualified engineers, but also up-to-date manufacturing equipment such as JUKI< SMTECH, Rommel, VISCOM. That allows providing the whole manufacturing cycle of services supporting our customers during all stages of the mutual cooperation.

To sum all up, quiting purchasing a high-priced equipment you get more freedom in unit design and production that combined with our services on contract manufacturing helps you to get the utmost from your manufacturing facility and be effective with the whole production cycle.