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Electronic Components supply, development and production of the radioelectonics devices

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Electronic components supply

Arranging foreign and domestic electronic components supplies from the world leading manufacturers with a delivery directly from the manufacture as well as from the global distributor’s warehouses. Check stock availability

Development and production

The cycle includes designing, development and production the brand new and updated PCBs, units and assemblies used in automotive (lorries ABS units), telecommunication (GPON units, optical multiplexors) and gambling machines Check for details

Why us

We’ve been engaged in electronic industry for 12 years so far, providing electronic components supply, development and production
In-house engineering department provides design, development and production. While facing regular challenges during a production we’ve became well familiar with all the tiny details of the manufacturing process.
We are ISO9001 certified company that proves the highest quality of services provided
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28 May 2015

SILICA’s Sharp Devices Europe plug-and-play LED module cuts cost, inventory and time-to-market for luminaire makers

SILICA, an Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT) company, now helps solid-state luminaire manufacturers reduce the cost and complexity of manufacturing high-performance LED lighting, minimise inventory and develop new products faster. Read more
21 May 2015

600V GaN Power Cascode Transistors from ON Semiconductor

The NTP8G202N is a power GaN cascode transistor, capable of 600 V operation and with an RDSon of 290 mΩ. The device is a single N-Channel device and is housed in a TO-220. The NTP8G206N is a similar device but with an RDSon of 150 mΩ. Read more
13 May 2015

Arria 10. The Only FPGA with Hardened Floating-Point DSP Blocks

Capitalize on FPGA processing power even more with a recent Altera® technology breakthrough: the industry’s first floating-point FPGA. Read more
05 May 2015

STM8 Comprehensive Microcontrollers Family

The STM8 is a platform of technologies, IPs and tools which forms the basis of STMicroelectronics’ comprehensive family of 8 bit microcontrollers. These cover a wide range of applications from low power and consumer electronics, through home appliances and factory automation to automotive segments. Read more
29 Apr 2015

iNEMO inertial module: 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope LSM330DLC

The LSM330D is a system-in-package featuring a 3D digital accelerometer and a 3D digital gyroscope. Read more
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