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STM8 Comprehensive Microcontrollers Family

STM8 Comprehensive Microcontrollers Family

STM8 Comprehensive Microcontrollers Family
05 May 2015
The STM8 is a platform of technologies, IPs and tools which forms the basis of STMicroelectronics’ comprehensive family of 8 bit microcontrollers. These cover a wide range of applications from low power and consumer electronics, through home appliances and factory automation to automotive segments.

The platform provides outstanding levels of digital and analog performance combined with a high level of cost effectiveness. Implemented around a high performance 8 bit core and a state of the art set of peripherals, the microcontrollers in the STM8 family are manufactured using an ST proprietary 130 nm embedded non volatile memory technology.

Family Concept The compatibility within and across the families through a modular peripheral set simplifies design reuse, so improving time to market. The hardware implementation in the STM8 devices provides a consistent migration across the package families. Increasing or decreasing the pin count with a similar location for supply, control or peripheral pins simplifies the hardware design and validation